Matolcsy: Dolphins and whales

English2020. márc. 27.GOVERNOR MATOLCSY

John Thornhill is definitely right that the best venture capitalists have performed a vital capitalistic function by turning seemingly outlandish ideas and transformative technologies into everyday realities /FT, 4 February 2020/.

They became reality in America, but they failed to show up in Europe. Nevertheless, we have dolphins from Spotify to Technogym and many more.

They will not be 1 trillion worth of new whales, but they can be even smarter, quicker and more flexible than their bigger, stronger and wealthier counterparts in America.

They can appear in the emerging new economies of the EU by combining the competitive spirit of our workforce with new funds opened during the present crisis management.

Re “Venture capitalists should harpoon more whales”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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