Matolcsy:  The dawn of a post-service economy

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Covid-19 will definitely accelerate the transition from the old world to the new one /Martin Sandbu, FT, 4 July/5 July 2020/. We are still in 1940, so it is not the 1945-moment. However, the new world is approaching fast. Fortunately or not, the overwhelming majority of jobs in today’s service economy will be gone by the end of this transition.

Self-driving cars, robots, delivering drones, 3D home-labs, home-grown produce and products, remote health care operations and all the others will replace the ill-rewarded labor force in the service sectors of the present.

Where will the heroes of the fight against the pandemic work in the future?

Re “ The everyone economy: how to make capitalism work for all

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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