"Anyone can be arbitrarily switched off from the online space" – Hungarian Justice Minister wants to regulate large tech companies

English2021. jan. 30.Növekedés.hu

After consultation with the leaders of the relevant state institutions, the Ministry of Justice will submit a bill to the Parliament in the spring on the regulation of the operation of large technology companies in Hungary, Justice Minister Judit Varga announced on her Facebook page.

According to the Justice Minister, all they expect from large tech companies is to operate in a legal, transparent and controllable way; the same expectations that apply to other companies, from large corporations to small businesses.

Judit Varga wrote that Hungary will continue cooperating in the preparation of similar legislation in the EU, but the events of the recent period have shown that "we must move faster to protect people". After all, anyone can now be arbitrarily switched off from the online space without any formal, transparent and fair procedure and legal remedy. This can happen to bakers, hairdressers, pensioners, teachers, small and large companies, as well as state leaders, the minister noted.

Causing “digital damage” deliberately, whether for ideological or business-motivated reasons, can no longer be left without consequences in Hungary. Freedom is rarely given as a gift. Now we have to fight for digital freedom. Go Hungary!

the Justice Minister stated in her post.