Discount chain will only sell Hungarian meat

English2021. okt. 25.D.F.D.

ALDI made a remarkable announcement: it will be only selling meat that has been produced in Hungary. The decision was also welcomed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK). Agriculture Minister István Nagy emphasized that it is extremely important that consumers buy food produced in Hungary.

From now on, customers can only find meat from Hungarian producers on the shelves in ALDI stores, it was revealed at a joint press conference held by ALDI, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and the Hungarian Meat Association.

Good for the environment and also for the economy 

It has been part of ALDI Hungary's procurement policy since the company entered into the market to purchase products from Hungarian sources whenever it is possible, it was revealed. As a result of this approach,

since the start in 2008, many vegetables and fruits, dairy products and fresh meat have been on the shelves of the discount chain from Hungarian producers and processors.

The press event was told that purchasing from domestic sources is beneficial for several reasons: consumers can choose from a range of well-known, high-quality products with a taste that best suits Hungarians, and also Hungarian companies can plan their production based on stable and predictable demand.

In addition, the involvement of local and regional producers in the supply chain is an important step from an environmental point of view,

as efficient logistics and shorter supply chains reduce the carbon footprint of both purchasing and sales. 

Only from Hungarian suppliers

Hungarian meat products in Aldi

ALDI is constantly expanding its assortment, the company's management pointed out. This year alone it has increased its meat assortment with 10 new products, such as minced pork and beef, chopped turkey, farm chicken meat and GMO-free meat, offering customers more than 50 poultry, pork and beef products in the chain’s 151 Hungarian stores.

As of October 2021, ALDI will only buy fresh, unprocessed poultry, pork and beef products from Hungarian suppliers,

who will deliver 100% Hungarian reared, slaughtered and processed meat to the chain, which will be part of its permanent stock. 

Bernhard Haider, managing director of ALDI Hungary

 According to our recent decision, 100% of our permanent assortment of fresh meat will come to our stores from Hungarian suppliers, who process only animals reared and slaughtered in Hungary. The approximately 6,000 tons of fresh Hungarian meat we sell annually helps the preservation and expansion of domestic jobs in the meat industry. Many of our products are already in the meat counters of the stores within 24 hours of slaughter, so our customers can choose from really fresh meats. We will further shorten the supply chain, which, along with using green electricity and our carbon-neutral operations, will also significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our procurement,

Bernhard Haider, managing director of ALDI Hungary said. 

He added that meat products can also be bought online with home delivery in Budapest, 34 settlements around the capital, in Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Szeged and several settlements around Lake Balaton.

Now also beef is from Hungarian sources in ALDI

Encouraging the purchase of domestic food 

At the Ministry of Agriculture, we are also trying to encourage consumers to buy fresh, domestic raw materials and food. After fresh meat, non-prepacked vegetables and fruits, we have added the requirement of indicating the country of origin to eggs this year. Our main goal is to strengthen the position of Hungarian products on the shelves of Hungarian stores and to this end we influence consumer decisions. This is especially important now that the pig sector is in crisis, so we encourage consumers to choose Hungarian pork and support farmers at the same time

 Agriculture Minister István Nagy underlined in connection with the announcement.

Agriculture Minister István Nagy 

The minister stressed that the importance of a strong domestic food industry became particularly evident during the pandemic.

Despite the disruption of international supply chains, there was no food shortage in Hungary thanks to Hungarian farmers.

The Ministry of Agriculture therefore provides all possible support to Hungarian agriculture. In the meat sector, pig farmers are now in a difficult situation, he added, emphasizing that the European Union's help is needed to provide protection for European farmers so that pig farmers can operate their businesses profitably in the long term across Europe. 

(Növekedé’s interview with Agriculture Minister István Nagy can be read here.) 

 ALDI’s commitment is important 

The Hungarian Meat Association welcomes the commitment made by ALDI. Especially in the extremely difficult market situation in the animal farming sectors, it is important for the retail chain to actively help consumers to buy high-quality fresh meat produced as a result of the joint work of Hungarian animal farmers and the Hungarian meat industry in the spirit of patriotic solidarity,

said Tamás Éder, President of the Hungarian Meat Association.

Tamás Éder, President of the Hungarian Meat Association

The German example should be followed 

An important goal of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) is to facilitate the access of Hungarian farmers to the market by making the consumption of domestic products popular among Hungarian consumers, so they welcome the decision of the German discount chain. 

In a statement released at the beginning of September, NAK pointed out the fact that in Germany some chains would increase the proportion of fresh pork produced in Germany to 95 percent by the summer of 2022. NAK has called for a similar step by store chains operating in Hungary, and it is a positive fact that a Hungarian company followed the German example so soon, which will benefit Hungarian meat producers,

President of NAK Balázs Győrffy stated.

Preference for trademark bearers

ALDI has been cooperating with MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Kft. since 2013, as a result of which 272 products, including many meat products bear the Hungarian Product trademark, which certifies the domestic origin and reliability of the goods to customers,

stated Eszter Benedek in connection with the announcement by ALDI. According to the managing director of MAGYAR TERMÉK, ALDI also promotes goods using the best-known and most recognized trademark that certifies domestic origin, in other ways. For example, it constantly highlights in its flyers products that bear the trademark and

promotes the campaign “Buy Hungarian food! Save Hungarian producers!” as well.

In recognition of its activities, ALDI received a special award in the Commercial Award for Hungarian Products competition for its outstanding trademark communication in 2020.

(Növekedé’s interview with Eszter Benedek, managing director of Magyar Termék Nonprofit connection with the “Buy Hungarian food! Save Hungarian producers!” campaign can be read here.