Government spokesperson: Loan repayment moratorium in Hungary to be extended until middle of next year

English2021. okt. 13.Növekedé

The government will extend the loan repayment moratorium intended to help those in need until June 30, 2022, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi announced in a video message posted on the government’s Facebook page on Friday.

She noted that the move was also supported by 91 percent of those participating in the national consultation survey. 

The government spokeswoman pointed out that 

besides those who are raising children, pensioners, the unemployed and public workers, also people whose income has fallen during the pandemic are entitled to take advantage of this opportunity. 

She added that 

companies whose turnover was at least 25 percent lower than the previous year can also ask for an extension. 

Alexandra Szentkirályi reminded that staying in the moratorium is not automatic, so those involved must make a statement to their bank. She also pointed out that it is definitely worth continuing to pay for all who are able to do so. 

She said it was promising that as a result of the successful restart of the economy, more people are working now than at the beginning of the pandemic, wages continue to rise, and families raising children will receive hundreds of thousands of forints back early next year.

All this will help the Hungarian population to strengthen and be able to pay back their loans, Alexandra Szentkirályi said.

She recalled that during the 2008 crisis, hundreds of thousands of families were unable to pay their loans. However, the government left these people without any support, while the current government’s loan repayment moratorium helps those who are in trouble because of the coronavirus epidemic, she emphasized.

We ended the era of foreign currency lending in 2010 and borrowers are in a much safer situation now, the government spokeswoman recalled in the video message.