Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture to identify barriers to generational change

English2021. jún. 12.Növekedé

The average age of farmers is rising in the whole of Europe; the question of who will take over the farms from the older generation and how the transition will happen is also an existing problem in Hungary. The National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) has launched an extensive survey among farmers to help identify and eliminate barriers.

In their statement sent to MTI, the Chamber of Agriculture disclosed preliminary data of the 2020 Agricultural Census conducted by the Central Statistical Office, according to which

51 percent of Hungarian farmers over the age of 65 do not know or have not yet thought about what will happen to their farms in the coming years.

The survey revealed that in 2020, 35 percent of farm managers were 65 years of age or older, while only 10 percent were under 40.

The average age of farm managers has been rising steadily in the past decades.

With the help of a widely circulated online questionnaire, NAK will collect information about the generational problems and the views of agricultural players so that it can work out possible solutions. The questionnaire available on the NAK website can be completed until June 30, 2021, primarily by those who are about to give over the management of their farms or those who are planning to take it over from the current managers.