Matolcsy: Uncertainty fuels creativity

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I perfectly agree with Perpetua Kirby /and Rebecca Webb/ that being open to uncertainty supports curiosity, deep thinking and hope. /FT, 8 March 2021/

The pandemic ended the quest for a bubble of certainty. We all entered the weird quantum world where the name of the game is uncertainty.

However, this is the new world of creativity, visions, big dreams, big projects and talented people. The information technology revolution that started in the 1970s seems to be a permanent revolution that will finally replace money and capital with talent and creativity.

It is exactly uncertainty that fosters talent and creativity by strengthening curiosity, deep thinking, dreams and hopes.

Uncertainty, like the Universe, is our friend, but sometimes both seem to be frenemies.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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