Opening of BMW plant in Debrecen postponed by one year

English2020. máj. 7.Növekedé

BMW is committed to building their new plant in Debrecen - executives of the company assured Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, at their meeting. This was announced by the minister on his Facebook page.

Péter Szijjártó also mentioned that project managers and future executives of the factory will come to Debrecen next Friday, when he will have a personal meeting with them.

He pointed out that BMW's commitment to the project in Debrecen was shown by the fact that the construction of the factory was already underway.

According to news agency reports, Nicolas Peter, CFO, said in a briefing on the occasion of BMW AG’s quarterly report published on Wednesday, the group is reviewing its investment plans for this year with regard to deteriorating sales prospects due to the epidemiological restrictions. The investment budget will be reduced from 5.7 billion to less than 4 billion euros.
He added that, in view of the current situation, the group is re-evaluating all ongoing projects, including plant constructions and model developments. Depending on the specific circumstances, some projects will be postponed while others will be thoroughly reviewed.

The opening of the plant in Hungary will be postponed by one year, for example

he stated, adding that besides the construction of the plant in Hungary, other projects will also be postponed.