Matolcsy: It is only the harbinger of the 2020s

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Rana Foroohar is absolutely right that the coronavirus crisis hit all the small guys badly and they should get the bailouts first /FT, Monday 23 March/.

There is a turbulent decade ahead of us due to the continuous American-Chinese warfare in the 2020s. The US does not seem to accept the new G2 world order offered by China and history.

China will always bail out the small guys because the whole system is based on the gradual rise of the Chinese people.

America always tends to bail out the strongest and largest players because the system is based on the 1%.

The time has come to change that rule due to the logic of democracies holding general elections.

Anyway, people will show up to vote.

The pattern followed this time will be repeated for the whole decade in America. We cross our fingers for the small guys.

Re “This time, small guys should get the bailouts”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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