George Friedman has recently published his new book on the future of America. He focuses on the 2020s, telling us that two major American cycles are overlapping in this decade, causing a huge storm.

The 80ys institutional cycle and the 50ys socioeconomic cycle join their forces, a rare occasion to happen historically.

Indeed, it happens every 400 years.

The two cycles not only work for the United States. They are power laws having a global impact on the history of empires, nations and countries.

The 80ys cycle is a yang force and the 50ys cycle is a yin force, together they are really overwhelming.

The last time they came together was in 1620, when the ship named Mayflower reached Cape Cod.

It is time to start the rebirth of America.

Congratulations George on your brilliant book.

Re “The storm before the calm by George Friedman, Doubleday New York”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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