Matolcsy: When two archetypes meet

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One of the most successful publishers of the western world, Carmen Callil speaks about the right mix of personal traits to change the world /Lunch with the FT, 18 July/19 2020/. If you want to do the job, you need to be difficult, brilliant, forthright, disputatious, avowedly something /feminist in her case/, hard on people being hard on you and you definitely need to love working.

She seems to be the archetype of people changing the world – for the better.

As an Australian, she moved to London and met with the English elite, another kind of archetype. 

She spotted their brutality, ignorance and greed. She considers a lot of members of the English elite as educated but not intelligent, who do not accept their true history.

Both archetypes changed the world in the last 400 years. However, a new 400-year cycle has already begun and new archetypes might be needed to change the world, for the better.

Re “You have to be difficult if you want to change the world

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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