Matolcsy: Time has come for sustainability taxation

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It is certainly true that Europe must invest in policy areas where it can deliver more value than member states acting alone /Jean Pisani-Ferry, FT, 4 December 2019/.

It is a safe bet that all new European endeavours need financing, in the lack of fresh money all would-be projects will be no more than day-dreaming and wishful thinking.

In the coming years, European politics will be green, focusing on the issues of long-term sustainability. No matter what it means, no matter what major programmes it will launch, it will need new funds.

A major overhaul of taxation within the EU is long overdue. All income-type taxes should be lowered and VAT-type taxes can be increased. Special and targeted taxes can be introduced to finance the transition to a long-term sustainable economy.

Re “The EU should take a bigger role in the provision of public goods”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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