Matolcsy: Appearances can be deceptive

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Columnist ‘Charlemagne’ fell in the trap of wishful thinking /Charlemagne, The Economist, February 15th 2020/. Europe has no chance to become boring again.

In the 2020s, the EU will have to face all the hard consequences of mistakes made in previous decades.

The unsolved structural problems of the euro, migration, the wrongdoings of the German car industry, the rifts between Northern and Southern members, the divisions between Western and Eastern countries, the deterioration in industrial competitiveness of the core economies of the EU – just to name some of them- will stubbornly haunt us for years.

Some new challenges might put the last straw on the back of the European camel.

Re “Making Europe boring again”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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