Matolcsy: New benchmarks are needed for central banks

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By definition, central banks’ corporate bond policies should serve as a benchmark for other investors. /David Milliken, Reuters, May 21 2021/

The BoE took steps that could ultimately see the most polluting companies banned from its bond portfolio.

Perfectly right, this initial step should be followed by all central banks worldwide.

In addition to that, all central banks should have a “sustainable mandate” in order to be pro-active in the green transition. Regulators have all the means to nudge banks helping companies and households to cut greenhouse gas emission faster.

All central banks have an open or tacit mandate to support government policies. Why don’t we participate in government policies to achieve net-zero emissions?

The time has come to do our part of the job.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

Re ”Bank of England aims for greener corporate portfolio

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