Matolcsy:  The sound of money is sound

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Ray Dalio is absolutely right: prejudice and bias always turns people blind to opportunity /FT, 24 October 2020/.

The present anti-China bias is based on fear and contempt, missing China’s outstanding historical performance before 1839 and after 1949. Indeed, since 1984 per capita incomes in China have risen more than 30 times, life expectancy has increased by a decade and poverty rates have fallen nearly to zero.

Since 1979, China has been offering a huge opportunity for investors, business communities, educators, third world countries and many more. Not only empires, but emerging countries also rise as well when they are productive, financially sound and increase assets faster than liabilities.

China is more than a rising major power, it is a vital business offer for the future of the global economy.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

Re “Don’t be blind to China’s ascent in a changing world

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