Matolcsy: A new deal for all of us

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All of us, young, middle-aged and elders, definitely need a new deal. Actually, we need tailor-made new deals to fix the present and especially the looming housing, health, job and other crises. /FT, Editorial, 26 April 2021/

This is due to the very nature of today’s sea-changes in all high-income societies and also in emerging economies. While we have the same challenges – health issues, security, affordability of housing, climate change, jobs, access to outstanding education and flexibility to change homes and professions - for all generations, where the solutions differ for the different age groups.

No one can solve one of them without solving the others: they are intertwined.

Elderly people need much better, sustainable, green housing with plenty of smart health-care facilities.

Middle-aged active generations need much more new homes in order to follow job opportunities and changes in the size of the family.

Young generations need bubbly city life and brilliant universities to attend, so they should have access to a plenty of affordable rents.

New and green housing programs should embrace all kinds of tailor-made new deals in order to build many new sustainable homes and to renovate old ones. These new deals can merge housing, health-care, job creation, education and the fight against climate change.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central bank of Hungary

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