Matolcsy: Pension funds need to change course

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It is certainly true that saving for retirement is about to become more challenging and the real risk is the possibility of hardship for the beneficiaries. /Inigo Fraser-Jenkins, FT, 24 September 2020/

Pension funds must change course via buying riskier assets, however, in a targeted manner. They should invest in all the countries and companies that participate strongly in the transformations of the 2020s. On the other hand, they have to divest from all sinking companies, failing states and disappearing technologies.

By following this strategy, they will be able to live up to long-term pension promises, they can play a major role in green/digital/ demographic transformations and will ignite the coming financial revolution. 

Re “Pension funds cannot afford not to buy more stocks

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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