Matolcsy: It is digital transformation in full speed

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Like in the 1940s, new technologies will change the world in the 2020s, this time, hopefully, for the better. Equity investors should cheer low rates indeed /Gillian Tett, FT, 17 September 2020/ because they are the somewhat hidden but strong driving force behind digital transformation.

Huge amounts of equity are needed to fuel all these changes. Equity trumps credit and governments are needed to join innovators by investing heavily to create a completely new social environment.

Beyond this digital wave, there is the green transformation, starting to unfold, the revolution in demography is on its way, the “sustainability thinking” is gaining ground and a sweeping financial revolution is approaching.

Anyway, technological revolutions bode much better for the future than full-blown wars.

Re “Equity investors should raise a glass to low rates

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

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