HUF 50 billion in tax have already been claimed back by families with children

English2022. ápr. 19.MTI

So far, more than 162,000 parents with children who are eligible to receive a family tax refund have filed their tax returns. In total, they have already claimed back around 50 billion forints in tax, said András Tállai.

The Finance Ministry's State Secretary for parliamentary affairs stressed that those who had not automatically received their tax refund by 14 February 2022 could claim it in their tax returns. This is extremely simple, as they only need to complete the draft return completed by the tax office.

András Tállai explained that the first round of the refund process was already closed on 14 February 2022, when those entitled to family allowance, such as families with children, those receiving disability benefits, and expectant mothers, received a total of more than 610 billion forints in tax refunds.

The second round started on 1 March. Since then more than 162,000 people have taken advantage of the opportunity and claimed their family tax refund in their income tax returns, the State Secretary said.

The tax office will help not only by providing pre-completed tax returns and quick and professional answers to any questions that may arise, but also by shortening the time needed for the tax refund to be paid. At the request of the Ministry of Finance, the 30-day payout process was cut by half, so that families can receive their refund within two weeks of filing their tax return, the State Secretary added.