One Montenegro gained 5G frequencies to cover entire country

English2022. dec. 28.Növekedé

Latest spectrum investment at today auction equips One Crna Gora to provide high capacity 5G mobile network in the future.

One Montenegro acquired ideal resources for the implementation of 5G mobile network of high performance and capacity. Following the spectrum auction organized by the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP) radio frequencies were acquired by One in the 700 MHz and 3600 MHz bands for 15 year period of time. A significant resource for the further strategic development of the company has been secured for nearly three million euros. With the already exsisting and newly acquired frequencies One can switch to gigabit speed throughout the country.

Acquiring of 5G spectrum licenses in Montenegro is another important step towards further investments in infrastructure and future technology in the region. We are committed to the development of 5G network in Montenegro and the Western Balkan region.

– said Péter Fekete, the Group CEO of 4iG.

One Montenegro had been the only operator in 2021 investing in the 2600 MHz TDD band, which is also 5G oriented. Now One succesfully has aquired 2x10 MHz in the 700 MHz band, which is primarily intended for better geographic coverage and 120 MHz on the 3600 MHz spectrum, which provides large capacities of data traffic. In following days One will issue request to the EKIP for additional 20 MHz in the 3600 MHz band on which company have unique right due to spectrum position that is also secured through the Auction process. Combining 5G oriented spectrum resources, aquired last year and today, secure One network capable of fulfilling even the highest user expectations in terms of speed and amount of data transfer.

After investing in the spectrum licenses and completing our developments, we can provide quality 5G plans for consumers, administration and businesses. We remain strived to speed up digital transformation, develop a higher level of smart solutions, ultimately empowering a new chapter of digitalization in Montenegro

– said the CEO of One, Branko Mitrović.

With the latest purchase of spectrum One continues with the plan to proactively cover the entire country with high capacity 5G network focused on cities and tourist destinations.

Users can experience higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity while using 5G, and a number of smart solutions and industry applications will be feasible for the country.

Earlier this year One launched commercial 5G network for all its users in Podgorica, Tivat, Bijelo Polje, Cetinje and Nikšić. While offering very high capacity 5G network especially focusing on the touristic areas One will be in avant-garde of preparation for the exponential data roaming traffic growth due to the Western Balkan roaming initiative.