Healthcare Top Lists on Növekedé - Active inpatient care institutions in Hungary

English2020. dec. 29.Növekedé

The Medicina Yearbook has been published, in which the Hungarian healthcare system is analyzed by experts, doctors and players in the sector and it also contains several rankings. The tables show the performance of hospitals, healthcare institutions and private healthcare providers. The Medicina Yearbook can be ordered at

Top 25 active inpatient care institutions funded by NEAK

The National Health Insurance Fund's (NEAK) budget estimate for curative and preventive active inpatient specialist care tasks increased from 500.3 billion forints in 2018 to 508.2 billion.

Last year, no new players were added to the top-25 list in this segment of the healthcare system.

The highest number of patients was treated in and the highest income was generated by Semmelweis University Clinical Centre in Budapest last year.
The largest growth in revenue was seen in the National Institute of Oncology (111.7%), Markhot Ferenc Teaching Hospital and Clinic in Eger (111.0%) and the Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital in Kaposvár , Somogy County (109.7%).

The NEAC revenue decreased slightly in two of the 25 hospitals (Hungarian Army Medical Centre, South Pest Central Hospital -  National Institute of Hematology and Infectious Diseases).

Each of the 25 hospitals on the list was in the top 30 in the sector’s top-200 rankings.

In the Medicina Yearbook, the whole of the healthcare industry is being analyzed.

It can be ordered at for 2500 HUF / piece.