Number of deaths increases almost everywhere in Hungary in almost all age groups

English2021. márc. 30.Növekedé

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office (KSH), 22,978 people died in Hungary in January and February this year, which is 8 percent more than in the same period of 2020, when 21,268 people passed away.

There was an even bigger 9.1 percent increase among those aged 65 and older.

Number of deaths in the first 8 weeks in 2021 by sex and age group

Among men over 45, more people dies in the first eight weeks than last year in almost all age groups, with the exception of those aged 55-59. Among women, there was a decrease from last year in two age groups: among those aged 40-44 and 60-70, in all other age groups including those under 35 there were more deaths than in the same period last year.

Overall, the number of deaths was higher than last year among men aged between 60 and 80 and women over the age of 70.

Mortality numbers increased everywhere in the country compared to the first eight weeks of 2020, with the exception of the capital, and Heves and Pest counties.